What is an OMA Unleashed?

Oma in Europe stands for grandma. The warm, fluffy grandmother who always smells of lavender and vanilla. Who always has fresh cookies straight from the oven on hand for hungry tummies! Pahleeze! Do not mistake me for that stereotypical image - not even going to happen!

I'm old enough to be onery, hip enough to get it and wise enough to be able to share my design vision with you. At age 62 I went back to college to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications - Web Design degree.

I've spent the last 25 years supporting the Real Estate and Property Management industries in Information Technology; through training, curriculum development, web design and conversion services. It has been a fascinating journey with lots of great adventures along the way! And now, I have even more tricks and tools in my kit to be able to support and share with my clients.

My motto for the past 25 years has been; "Creating tomorrow's technology, TODAY!".

Give me a call. Let's sit down, have a cup of tea and chat for a while. We will probably find a unique solution for your design dilemma. I might even throw in some fresh baked cookies for you - store bought, of course!



Example of Recent Work
CONCEPT: The assignment called for a graphic design that conveys a strong sense of motion. This statement ties time and space together, representational of the space-time continuum.
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