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There are several different ways to contact me -

Snail Mail:

Sherry Hansberry-Brown, Principal

Oma Unleashed

860 Mark Avenue

Fallon, NV 89406-3819


(775) 423-8262 direct line

(775) 423-0758 fax

(775) 217-4560 cell phone

To e-mail me click >>>

Those are the most efficient ways to have me respond to you.

The following methods are not recommended:

Pony Express - really, I'm not THAT old!

Carrier Pigeon - they would get lost over Reno, especially if the Air Races were going on.

Sending Guido the Enforcer, probably would get my attention, but I might be hiding out instead!

Sending a package of cookies - now that might help, but honestly, I'm on a diet!